Acessar a Área Restrita
Social Responsibility
Environmental technology that innovates and preserves.

The search for intelligent alternatives for waste treatment is Metalsinos' commitment for a sustainable industry. Based on analyses of the environmental impact of the production chain, the company has implemented a series of measures to control pollution, reducing the waste of resources and contributing to the preservation of our natural resources.

  • Selection: during the collection, the waste is classified and sent to their respective manufacturers or deposited in safe sanitary landfills.
  • Consumption: the optimization in the consumption of water and chemicals is the result of an extensive theoretical and practical training, which has brought environmental values to the everyday life of each employee.
  • Emissions: the gas scrubbers reduce pollution and smell, making the working environment more pleasant and comfortable.
  • Processes: the entire production chain is evaluated in order to avoid rework and possible unnecessary resource consumption.
  • Water usage: ionic exchange columns in the solutions washing water (baths), reusing of galvanic effluents, and water circulation in closed circuit are saving examples of this important resource.
  • Energy: continuous investments in alternatives for optimizing energy without compromising on the quality requirements of its products.

For all that, Metalsinos goes beyond the mere compliance with the legislations regulating the management of solid and liquid waste. On the way to awareness, there are also the appreciation of life and the responsibility to leave a healthy and clean environment for the future generations.